Big Summer Jams: FYF and Ellie Rex

As the summer draws to a close and we enter the last few weeks of 9 pm sun and ever shifting tan lines- we can all agree that LA’s 2017 Summer was a great one. This was a summer of flourishing art, music, and creativity. LA was recently graced by the musically extravagant FYF Fest— a collection of art, music, and creativity that would make any millennial swoon.

The headliners included the elusive and ever talented Frank Ocean, the infamous Missy Elliot coupled with the manifestation of Mystery, Bjork, and the explosive Nine Inch Nails. The rest of the set for the three-day event was pretty incredible. From Anderson Paak to King Krule, Solange and Hannibal Buress— the range and diversity of every act made it the best festival of the year.

All this music was framed by one object seen all over Instagram’s and Snapchat's— the giant boom box. The installation became representative of the festival's purpose: to do music big, to do music loud. We were able to catch up with the creator of the fabulous sculpture, the fantastic Danielle Garza also known as Ellierex, to talk about how the piece manifested, what it means to her, and her overall immersion in FYF.



Suraiya: How did you first get involved with FYF?

Garza: After I creative-directed the FYF 2017 official lineup announcement, the FYF team hired me to provide installations for the festival onsite. As my first install/idea, I designed the main stage and lawn stage header banners with vectorized versions of my marble paintings. I'm super happy with how these turned out, and it was extremely special to me as my paintings had never been enlarged to such a scale before (over 130 feet).


Suraiya: Your boombox has been seen all over Instagram as one of the Summer’s hottest backdrops— can you give us some background on the process of its creation?

Garza: The next piece was more of an endeavor and I'm very grateful to FYF and Goldenvoice for their support. My idea was to build a giant boombox as an interactive art piece and photo op for festival-goers. I worked with FC Owens studio in designing and fabricating. The boombox is 20 ft wide x 12 ft tall x 4 ft deep, and there are 3-dimensional knobs and levers, dial, speakers with holographic trim, and a giant cassette in the deck, which I hand-painted bright pink and labeled with more paper marbling. The speakers had real speakers housed inside so visitors heard a long playlist I made, in addition to color changing lights to provide a cool vibe at nighttime.


Suraiya: What inspired the creation of such a large work? What does such a huge piece mean to you?

Garza: Overall I would say the boombox is based on the idea of the warmth and eclectic nature of Los Angeles. I own an actual boombox from the 1980's that our installation was derived from- and whether it plays a cassette or any station on the AM/FM radio, it's all-inclusive and welcoming, as I believe music, public art installations, and the world at large should also be.


We thank Ellierex so much for being able to have a word with us and making such fantastic work! Be sure to keep with her IG: @ellierex and of course, keep on checking in here for the latest in LA’s art scene. 


Keep on creating.

Dec 9th