An Open Studio with Jose "Prime" Reza & Karlos Marquez

December 9th presents the Open Studio series. Join us as we step inside an artist's workspace, and see where their unique creations are brought to life. All works available for purchase.

Coming in August, a rare opportunity to step inside the shared studio of artists Jose "Prime" Reza and Karlos "Bumps" Marquez. Never-before-seen original works of art, special prints, and new unreleased collections, available direct to you.

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About Jose "Prime" Reza
Jose "Prime" Reza, (b. October 5, 1971) is a Mexican-American graffiti artist born and raised in the Pico-Union District of Downtown Los Angeles. Prime is credited with being a founding father of Los Angeles stylized graffiti lettering, a hybrid of Cholo lettering and East Coast style graffiti that is often bold, aggressive, and monochromatic.

Prime is considered one of the most influential artists in the history of Los Angeles public wall writing, combining "traditional east coast painting techniques with geometric gangster-style blocks.

Complex Magazine included Prime on their list "25 greatest L.A. Graffiti Writers." The Vibe History of Hip Hop acknowledges Prime's vital contributions to L.A.'s distinctive graffiti style in a chapter titled "Early Los Angeles Hip Hop" written by Ben Higa.

About Karlos "Bumps" Marquez
Los Angeles-based Karlos “BUMPS” Marquez (born 1968) has been contributing to the local art scene since 1983—when he first created graffiti with friends under the name of “Kartoon”. He continued to develop his style by pursuing art at Los Angeles City College and the “Associates of Art” school in Sherman Oaks, where he studied life drawing and full figure drawing with artist, illustrator and instructor Mark Westermoe.

Today, after many years in the corporate world, Karlos is a full-time artist. He inscribes his bright, colourful and energetic graffiti on canvas and furniture. To his practice, he brings business acumen, which operates alongside a thoughtful sense of social responsibility.