Dec 9th Presents Jimmy Warhol: Gratitude

Saturday, January 20th December 9th Presents Jimmy Warhol, Gratitude at Organic ModernismThis month's event features the first-ever solo show of artist Jimmy Warhol and his original works of art. Plus music, drinks and good vibes.

Special Musica Performace at 8:00pm Featuring:
Soprano Shannon "Doe" Ewing & Pianist / Composer Kyle J. Hartman


Julian Gooden, the enigmatic diversely creative artist known as Jimmy Warhol is a self taught artist with heavy influences from street art, abstract art, and color science. He works in numerous mediums from acrylic and spray paint on canvas, to printmaking and installations. His use of color is purely instinctual and rarely does he plan out a piece.

Warhol uses his immense ambitious drive to propel the value of his work by partnering with large brands like Stanley, Black and Decker, Mountain Dew, and W Hotels. His work has been in galleries all over Los Angeles. His current focus is on large-scale projects that are coupled with a relevant impact on social issues.

He lives his life the same way. On wings of gratitude, purpose, and service. Jimmy Warhol flies through life doing his best to have a positive impact on those he touches. Jimmy Warhol understands that as an artist it's his responsibility to be part of social progress and service. He is an ally to the LGBTQ community and has partnered with AIDS Project LA and 429 Magazine in efforts of shedding light on issues that effect us all.

Having been anointed in a modern day renaissance, it's the progression and evolution of ideas that heavily influence jimmy Warhol. No idea is to large or too small. His biggest goal yet; to partner with Space X, a pioneer in space exploration, and create a large-scale global art campaign that attracts attention regarding environmental change and the future of our planet.

From being an athlete to a professional artist, Jimmy Warhol's philosophy of discipline and obsession remains the same. He tends to stick to a strict regimen in his day-to-day, and visualizes the success he strives for. This artist keeps it simple and sweet; Paint everyday and do something nice for someone else.