Designing the Perfect Art-Focused Living Room

Designing the perfect living room should start with a focal point and a definite color scheme. We suggest picking our your main furniture pieces before selecting any accents. Read our how-to guide below and pull from our tips and tricks to setting up the perfect art-focused living room.

First; The Sofa

Don't skimp on the sofa. Remember that it is where you and your family will sit for years to come. Comfort and design may come at a cost, but what the heck, this is where you spend the most of your time amiright?

Be sure to take your lifestyle into consideration when you select a sofa. If you have small children or pets in the house, you should look for a fabric that is durable such as canvas or microfiber. Try to select a darker color which will not show every stain. If you want to give a room an elegant appearance, you can’t go wrong with plush velvet or brass.

If you are dealing with a smaller space, you may want to consider a daybed or loveseat combined with an easy chair or two. You may then select the accents that compliment and add color to your couch without being overwhelming.


Next: Art (The Focal Point)

A focal point is the place at which a person’s gaze naturally lands when they walk into a room. Art can be used as the focal point of the living room just by hanging it over a fireplace or resting it on a mantel. 

Art can also help draw in more color to the room. Select a work that pulls out the color of your sofa as well as some additional complementary colors. Your chosen artwork can inform the color scheme of our entire room. Use this color across accent pillows, vases and other decor to tie the space together.

A gallery wall, decorated with an eclectic mix of frames and photographs also makes for a good focal point. You can liven up a painted wall with eclectic but similarly framed prints.


Finding the Right Pillows

When looking for the perfect pillow, make sure that the colors are all the same shade or very close to one another. It is a good idea to have a couple of pillows that are the same solid color and another larger pillow that has a busy pattern. Organize the pillows on your couch by size, with the largest pillows on the outside near the arm rests. Don't use too many pillows; you want your guests to be able to sit down.

Selecting the Right Coffee Table 

When shopping for a coffee table, it can be tempting to select one that is artfully designed or looks like it would make a good conversation piece. However, it is important to take functionality into consideration when selecting a table as it can be rather annoying to have a table that is not the right size. 

The height of your coffee table should never be more than one or two inches from the top of your sofa seat cushions. You coffee table should be right around two thirds the length of your sofa in order to avoid any awkwardness when using it. Your table should be about a foot away from any seating, so it is within arm’s lengths, but leaves room for everyone’s legs. Bonus: Find a coffee table that's an art piece or even make one!  A custom cut piece of glass turns even found objects in chic decor.


Decorating your living room is important stuff! It should bring great comfort and relaxation to you and it should let visitors get to know you better. Take your time and don’t be afraid to spend a little money when putting together your perfect living space.