Eric Navarette at The W Hotel

Join us Wednesday 02/06 @ W Los Angeles - West Beverly Hills' Living Room Bar for a free to attend monthly event featuring what's new + cool in music, art, and fashion.

Presented by December 9th, this month's event features a live painting performance by @Erokthelion_art with work on display, DJ set and music by Rituals of Mine!

Eric Navarrete (@erokthelion_art) took an interest in art from the young age of six. His grandfather, a WWII vet and artist himself, would sit at the table each morning and draw. The skilled drawings inspired a young Navarrete and forged a connection between him and his grandfather. When his grandfather later passed, Navarrete's art became a tool to reconnect with him through their shared love in art.

Navarrete later joined the military (he's currently in the U.S. Navy), where his passion in art continued. He furthered the boundaries with his work to see how far he could take his dream. The artist's work is a blend of contemporary, abstract, figurative, pop art and graffiti, created through the use of an assortment of medias - acrylic, oil pastel, spray paint and even magazines.

"I enjoy the process of creating energy through the pieces by adding bold objects, abstract textures and bright colors," says Navarrete. "My art's mission is to inspire and tell a story of those that have rose and grew from the concrete, thus my character of a lion. I believe everyone has a lion, or a potential lion, inside them. It is up to you and the signs of life to find that lion and tame it to lead to a happier more efficient, successful and creative life. My plan is to show the world that you can do anything that you set your mind and faith to. Art brings me hope, so I try to give hope back."

Navarette has worked on projects in cities throughout California for clients such as Kut Haus Salon, Bellisima Salon, Eye Envy, Redlands Orangestreet Alley, Man and Cam Media, and many more. He has collaborated with brands such as Mod Pizza, Doers Achieve, and the Boys and Girls Club of America.