Engineering Our Rent-able Gallery Walls

December 9th was started by our Founder Molly Waseka in 2015, after working as an event producer for tech start-up Two Bit Circus. A career event producer, Molly had produced everything from a zero budget pop-up in a night club all the way up to a nearly million dollar budget high tech Carnival. On December 9th, 2015 Molly 'quit her day job' and started a new project, a company that would support artists through pop-up events, artwork and print sales, and artist management support.

It wasn't long after December 9th began popping up events in non traditional spaces, that Molly ran into an old problem. One she hadn't seen since her days as managing the U.S. team of art event producers for organization RAW artists. These pop-up spaces don't have adequate gallery walls, and the ones that do almost never let you nail into them.

Creating art shows in furniture stores, popping up in hotel lobby's, and bringing fashion week to life in an empty building, each presented another challenge. Walls. We needed walls to divide the runway from the back of house, walls to use as backdrops to mad scientist presentations, and walls to simply hang artwork. Walls we could drill and nail in-to, and that we could easily lift and transport. So in early 2019, we finally set out to create them, and we're so happy with them, we're letting you use them too. See some pics from our process below, and get in touch with us to Rent our affordable Gallery Walls for your project!

A little visit to Home Depot to gather supplies

Engineer, Erik, hauling supplies