Fire by Day with André Rizé

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TONIGHT!  Dec 9th will host show with artist, innovator, and freethinker; André Rizé. If we have learned one thing working with amazing artist after amazing artist, it’s that not only are they spectacular at their crafts, they are also spectacular at speaking on them. Below, André hashes out how he works, why he works, and what he wants to achieve through that work. WE We hope he inspires you just as much as he inspires us.


Q. While we know how awesome you are, many of our readers are yet to be plugged in. Describe yourself and your art? What pushes you to create identities for yourself and for your art?

A. Art is freedom. I’m a rebel for no reason; a rebel looking for a cause. I know who I am. I know where I want to go, That’s why I do art, because I can always find a cause and always find a reason. Art is a way to grow. People see it, they watch it grow. They become the artist, creator, curator, the advisor, and promote its growth. That appreciation fuels my growth – it’s my expression.There is only one identity, it’s the same person I’ve always been. Do you remember color by numbers – I use to get upset because I had an oil paint set – oil takes time to dry and I didn’t’ know that so I got discouraged by it and I moved away from it. But, I’ve always been an artist. Art is the identity and identity is the art. Just by itself. Art is a person. It moves, it conveys feelings – it’s not always going to have the same emotion to it but it is something that we are all going to look at and going to decipher


Q. May artists specialize in one material, medium, or type of content, yet you thrive off working with many different mediums and surfaces, can you elaborate on your choice to do so?

I do what I want, when I want. I use any medium necessary to bring that vision into light. To create that vision that I see in my mind. Many artists specialize in a certain medium because they were taught to do so. I’m a self-taught artist. Being self-taught, nothing is off limits. If I have an idea, if I have a dream, if I want to express something, I’ll use anything to make that vision a reality.


Q. Who are your biggest inspirations right now, both positive and negative? How do you use the inspiration you absorb as a catalyst to create?​

A. My biggest inspiration right now is Mark Bradford, Al Lovings and Jackson Pollock – and, we can’t forget Retna, he’s a dope artist. Positive and negative. Those are all positive. The negatives would be those whom say you need an art degree to be a real artist. There are people out there whom have amazing skills and visions to share and there hardly ever recognized. They died broke and lonely. I use the inspiration, from traveling and seeing these artists – seeing them on Instagram, seeing them in person and in museum – I mean if I see something I like in a museum, I’ll go home and try to innovate that art. I mean, that’s what art is. Art is practice.

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