Five Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about The Getty Center and LACMA

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LA is home to some of the best art on the West Coast— not to mention the United States and the broader world. You can find anything to tickle your artistic fancy. From modern to classical, performance to visual, eclectic to electric, Los Angeles has it all and more under the sun. Angelino’s will tell you however that the best place to start any art journey in this vast city is either the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA, or the expansive Getty Center.

LACMA has a host of art ranging from Mid-Modern to Hindu-Classical. A four floored and sprawling landscape right next to the La Brea Tar Pits, LACMA is a fantastic stop for people looking for dazzling art that comes after the 1900’s. If you’re more inclined for something a bit older- that’s where the Getty center comes into play. Stacked with everything from Central American antiquities to Medieval manuscripts- The Getty Center is a treasure trove of history. But since this is LA- something gonna give. Everything here is a little quirky, even the finest art institutions. Here’s some things I bet you didn’t know about LA’s most popular art museums.


1. While Digging a Garage for LACMA- builders hit the skeleton of an adult mammoth

This should come as no surprise in some respect since, as already noted, the museum is in the vicinity of ancient tar pits. However, finding a mammoth skeleton anywhere is astounding, and in Los Angeles? Well that’s a great story for sure.

2.The Getty Center has a recorded 230,635 separate objects when books, paintings, and manuscripts are combined

Just to put that in perspective, The Getty has more things than Monaco or Island Nations have people. Think about that next time you pay a visit!

3.LACMA is home to the biggest boulder ever transported- weighing in at 340 tons. It took 11 days to move it 85 miles.

While maybe not everyone’s definition of art, the boulder is beautifully impressive. But really think about it, humans have moved noting bigger than this boulder. That’s pretty insane. And you can go see it! It’s right here in the city!

4.The Getty Center cleans their grace in an organic way— every month they have goats come in to landscape and chow down.

As a serious fan of goats, especially happily fed goats, there is no better news than the news that goats do the Getty landscaping. Can goats do my landscaping? Can I watch the goats landscape? Can the goats give tours? I need answers?

5.Chris Burden, creator of the famous LACMA Urban Lights, considers the installation his most demure project. He’s also crucified himself on a VW Bug and had his assistant shoot him in the arm for his other works. Safe to say the lights are a little less violent.

Chris Burden is one of the most prolific artists of the last century. He’s even been immortalized in song by several pop stars. They lights are fantastic and grace all instagrams you encounter. It is funny to think however the dude who made them got himself shot on purpose. Guess that’s commitment to the vision!

Hope these allowed you lovely readers to scratch your heads a little! Cheers, and as always, keep creating!


-- Dec 9th



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