Let's Not Forget About Indigo

Indigo. It's in the rainbow, but let's be honest, when you're thinking about a traditional rainbow spectrum, do you include it?

This forgotten hue is one that for some reason we can't get enough of, and we think this is the next interior decor color trend to keep your eye on. Let's review some of our favorite Indigo trends, and how to use and blend this color for the perfectly planned interior.

The Pottery Barn's collection embraces a more denim tinted indigo trend in a line of napkins, a table runner, even art prints and more. Naturally, this come with a Pottery Barn style price tag. We see a lot of interior designers using this denim look very often. Mostly applied as a boho chic aesthetic, in tandem with mud cloth, shiplap or other rustic touches - how very Joanna Gaines!

Above: Abstract Indigo Dots Framed Print. $279 at Pottery Barn

West Elm also does a great job of bringing the denim-leaning shade of indigo in via it's line of Abstract Vases. Which are quite stunning if you ask us.


Above: Indigo color Abstract Vases from West Elm. $200 each.

 What we're craving, though, is that chic, crisp, rick purple-y-blue color. Applied in such a way that it doesn't require a denim wash. Think walls, modern accents, and blocks of color. We think indigo deserves a real moment, and the boho chic denim look - while perfectly suitable - just doesn't let indigo shine.

Above: Our Indigo Print from the Colours Collection

 Let's all agree to give this rich beauty, it's 15 minutes of fame. Maybe Pantone will lead the charge and make it the 2021 color of the year? Maybe it will always take a backseat to it's closest relative of denim. But in our opinion, indigo doesn't deserve to be left behind, and we hope you'll consider adding this rich hue into your homes next revamp.