Modern Art, Modern Earth

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Art, in any capacity, has always been virtuous. In the past days of great art movements, from early Gothic to late Rococo- the need to express societal issues has always existed. From corruption in religious institutions to war and revolution; modern art isn't the only expression with social calling attached to pigment and canvas. Since the birth of modernism, however, creators have been given a new beast to reckon with-- climate change. The environment and our subsequent effect on it, have now become prime content for the last few generations of creators. Whether it comes from a primal connection to the earth or a political inclination to sustain, artists of the last two centuries have taken on the challenge to channel their frustration and hope in a number of ways. Here are three artists that we think are forging the way to sustainability through their craft, content and execution. While their work differ in dynamic ways, their commitment the planet groups them all to be artistic revolutionaries. Here at Dec 9th we're all about revolution and evolution in the art world, and when that revolution helps guarantee the future evolution of our Mother Earth, we love it even more.

Marina DeBris: Mermaid On A Mission

Debris moved to LA from Sydney 16 years ago to, in theory, enjoy the beach on the pacific just as much she did back home. She was stunned to find LA's beaches covered in trash. What started as a clean up effort became a life's work in humorous upcycling-- from her self dubbed "trashion" to still life creations of trash, Debris uses marine debris to call attention to pollution in ways that trick the eye. As unsettling as they are aesthetically pleasing, her work converges environmental worry with the laid back behavior of beach culture. She currently resides in Sydney and is listed on the Women Environmental Artists Directory.



Alan Sonfist: Mother Earth's Historian

Sonfist has been creating art for almost 5 decades at this point. Much of what is said here will pale in comparison to the importance of his work. Creator of the Time Landscape- Sonfist works to highlight the fragility of nature and its change over time through man's action. Time Landscapes are most notably found in metropolitan areas, showcasing the pre-colonization flora and fauna of the region. His critically acclaimed and emotionally moving work call attention to natures longevity and our need as it's protectors to understand its history. Sonfist has been commissioned in a number of international setting, from Germany, to Brazil, to Dallas, Texas.



Aviva Rahmani: Warrior for Woman, Warrior for Earth

Aviva Rahmani is considered a leader in Eco-feminism and at the forefront of multi-disciplinary creation. For several years her creative energy has flowed to create both performance and visual art that captures the relationship between the feminine, the metropolitan and the sustainable. Her most famous work often deals with the very physical, very local effects of climate change on a range of cities- from London to Memphis. Having worked with a plethora of artists, activists, academic professionals, institutions and organizations, her current work uses the internet "to perform residencies without the international travel that spews jet fuel over the earth's waters.”


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