Purchasing Originals vs Prints

You are decorating your new home and you are wondering what exactly you should put on your walls. You certainly want to put up a family photo or two as well as a poster from a favorite film or concert, but any home will benefit from a colorful painting or print. There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding between a print or painting.

Bear in mind that technology has made it possible for prints to look almost as detailed as the original. It is even possible to put a print on canvas and varnish it, to create an effect of brush strokes. A print will compliment your furniture and add color and depth to your decor in the same way as an original painting.  You should always take quality into consideration when you buy a print. The way you will use the art has much to do with whether you should choose an original or print. 

Originals are a Good Investment

If you have the opportunity to buy a painting by a well-known or emerging artist, you may want to think about buying their original work.  An art appraiser or gallery curator may be able to assist you in determining the value of the art. They will also be able to make sure that a painting is indeed an original and not an impostor. Not only will an original painting make a beautiful addition to your home, but you or your heirs may be able to sell it someday for a higher value.

You Love the Painting or the Artist 

If a painting is by your favorite artist, or if you have an intense emotional response to a particular piece, it is worth it to invest in the original artwork. Coming home to an original painting that makes you happy is invaluable. If you purchase a painting that reminds you of something you love or take you to a place of contentment, having the original will be well worth the extra cost. 

Reasons a Print May Work Better

If you have found the perfect living room furniture for your new house, you may be searching for a piece of artwork that will look great hanging over your sofa. Unfortunately, it may be hard to find a piece of original artwork that is the perfect size for your sofa. 

A print of a painting can be adjusted to fit above a piece of furniture. You can have Starry Night above your bed, or Whistler’s Mother adjusted to the perfect with and length for your family room. 

The Cost

Prints can be had for a fraction of the cost of the original. If you cannot tell the difference between an original and a print, or if having an original simply does not matter to you, it may not be worth it to pay the extra cost.

Other Options

Do you know an artist who needs some extra cash? If you do, you may want to have them paint a mural accent wall in your abode. The wall will be an original work of art and, if you choose your artist carefully, you may end up adding value to your property.

Whether you decide to get original artwork or a print, you should get something that reflects your tastes and style and is interesting aesthetically. Your home is your sanctuary and everything in it should bring you comfort and peace.