Selecting the Perfect Holiday Gift

It is holiday time, and you are looking for a gift for a home design fanatic in your life. Roaming around antique malls and retail stores can be time consuming and frustrating. Online stores are an option, but finding the right one can take hours as well. Fortunately, there are a few things you can take into consideration when shopping for décor gifts that will make the process much faster. 

When selecting a gift for someone, take their current décor into consideration. Social media can be a great help if you cannot remember the style of their home. Take a look at their Facebook or Instagram page and see if they have any pictures of their home and look for an item that fits in with their décor. You can also look at their social media page to remind yourself of their tastes in art, music and film. Knowing a person’s likes and dislikes can be a great aid in selecting the perfect present. 

For a Clean Freak

Do you have a friend whose house is always spotless every time you visit? Have they recommended the latest high tech vacuum cleaner on the internet? Why not get them something for organizing things? How about a tasteful magazine rack or floating shelves, where they can display their impeccably polished collection of pottery and candle sticks. A set of coasters may also be a great gift for a tidy friend, so they can prevent those nasty rings from ruining their coffee table. 

For the Film Fan  

Do you have a friend who loves old movies?  Do they analyze every film you see together with the meticulous eye of a professional film critic? If so, you may want to get them a piece of movie memorabilia. If you have a large budget, you can go online to find a relic from a beloved film. If your means are more modest, you can get them a framed poster from their favorite film or coffee table book about a much loved director or film genre. 

For the Sculpture Enthusiast or Sculptor

You may have a friend who has decorated their living room with a bust or two by their favorite artist. Unless you know a great deal about art, you may want to avoid actually buying them a sculpture. Sculptures are cumbersome, and it takes a trained eye to know the good from the bad. If they don’t like it, it may be hard to drag in and out of a closet every time you come over. Why not get them a small object that is designed like a sculpture? You can get them an unusually shaped bottle opener or an artfully shaped candy dish. 

For the Pop Culture Expert

We all have a friend who knows everything about casting decisions of the latest Marvel Comic movie or who binge watches all the latest original series on Netflix. Chances are they decorate their home with posters of long ago concerts and rare superhero characters. Why not change things up a bit and get them a piece of pop artwork? Avoid going to a chain store for your pop art piece. Your friend deserves something unique and original. You should be able to find something in the shop of a local furniture designer or a small gallery that displays the work of emerging artist. 

It is always nice to give or get a gift. If a gift captures a person’s style and taste perfectly, they will remember you fondly every time they look at it.