Street Art Fair & Chocolate and Art

We ventured out this past Friday night to two unique artist pop-ups you may have heard of, and we're reporting back our favorite finds. Join us as we enter Jeff Hamilton's Street Art Fair, and Chocolate and Art.

First we stop by the chaotic street art maze over at Jeff Hamilton Studios for Street Art Fair. Street Art Fair is the brainchild of none other than Jeff Hamilton himself, creator of the iconic jacket line "Jeff Hamilton's Jackets" and mastermind of this unique celebration of art.

We found ourselves on the abandoned streets of the fashion district much later at night than we normally come to this area. Through an illuminated doorway, down a windy hallway and up an elevator to the third floor, we enter into this wild nightlife-meets-art event.

Walls covered in graffiti, from street art legends (and less than legends) Los Angeles based and beyond, Jeff Hamilton has welcomed many of the most well-known names in graffiti into his creative space. As we wind our way through the hallway, we admire the wild installations, each artist almost challenged to make their stall more wild than the next.

Onur Aktulgali at Street Art Fair at Jeff Hamilton Studios

(Left to Right) Brian Pomp, Onur Aktulgali and Jeff Hamilton at Street Art Fair

We stop by one of the few THC and CBD vendors and dipped pretzel sticks into the THC infused chocolate fountain. A perfect pairing for this wacky art party, we couldn't help but enjoy.

We pile into an Uber and head over to the Vortex opposite side of downtown to say hello to our friends at Chocolate and Art. Long-time running Chocolate and Art marries two of our favorite things into another art-party of sorts. Gallery walls filled from edge to edge with canvases, crowds congratulating their artist friends while washing down their plates of chocolate covered snacks with cold beer. Nearby naked ladies are painted; a band plays in the background.

Chocolate and Art at the Vortex, DTLA

Our THC infused selves wander over to the chocolate fountains, stacked in a row on a white linen covered table, lined with snacks waiting to be dunked, dipped and drizzled.

The evening ended with another Uber ride, and a few bottles of the free Jarritos. All in all, a great evening.