Street Walk: Art Around LA

Whether you’re rummaging through a record shop downtown or chasing the sunset to Venice- LA graces you with art in every borrow, every corner, every step of the way. I recently spent a day running around the Fairfax/Melrose area taking in the color, the fashion, and the great summer breeze. If I’m being honest, there was a whole lot to take in- here’s the best of what I saw across a broad spectrum of street art. Enjoy, and if happen to see anything cool while you dance through the city, don’t be afraid to tag us! Sharing this cities art is what keeps that art blossoming.


Back Alley Gallery:
If you’ve ever walked through the back alleys of Fairfax you know that they themselves are gorgeous. If you haven’t- here’s your start. This piece is located behind the new and fabulous restaurant, Sweet Chick, on Rosewood and Fairfax. Check out the cool work, the great fashion, and the awesome cooking.


New Tunes: SZA in the City
Ever since LA’s very own came out with his critically acclaimed album Damn., it isn’t surprising to see the word stamped on everything from dumpsters to building walls. SZA, who also just dropped a fabulous soul/hip-hop album, has followed suit. Stacking colorful claim right by the old American Apparel, her new album Crtl can be seen taking up great wall space and blending right into the thriving neighborhood.


Sidewalk Stamp: Sphynxlikeme
Melrose/Fairfax is known for the sidewalk stamps. This particular one reaches far and wide throughout the area. Search the tag on IG and you see great shops of cool kittens- and who doesn’t love that?


Girl Power: Girl’s Tour Mural
Anyone who’s shopped on Melrose knows that’s where the next trend hits the city. Girl’s Tour, fashion and play house for the bold and the on trend, has been dishing out the best shades and waves since opening in the area. The mural is the definition of rad- one of the best photo ops in the area.


Small Finds: WRDSMTH
You can find WRDSMTH all over LA, from Downtown to Santa Monica, but I especially loved this quote and the fact that this piece is found by an abandoned grilled cheese dive bar on Melrose. If you’re looking for an LA message, it’s that even a not so successful business venture can be an opportunity to display some great type art.