The Lifestyle : Art and Fashion

LA is hailed, by anyone in the creative game, as west coast mecca for Fashion with that “capital F.” From housing, the first west coast Acne Studios to nestling fashion magnum opus, Maxfield, in its streets for over 4 decades — the city is known to some for its tacos, but to others - for what you wear to get those tacos. Still, fashion, especially higher fashion, can get a bad wrap. Deemed too shallow, too avant-garde, too inaccessible or too niche; there is a grossly incorrect notion that fashion doesn’t mingle well with anything but itself. That if you’re not in it, it isn’t going to find its way into your life. Well, there are a whole lot of dynamic storefronts in LA who prove that entire nefarious opinion, very wrong, and we thought none other a better time to share them than now, while Los Angeles Fashion Week peers upon us.

The fashion world plays with many other circles in LA - art is one of them. Need a new pair of designer heels? Why not pick up a new art piece for your living room to go with those 6-inch bad boys? Need a cocktail dress from this season, straight out of Milan? Well, why not pick up a new installation for your dining room in the process? When it comes to buying lifestyle in LA, anything is possible; including the perfect, twinkly, convolution of high art and high fashion. Below are only a FEW brands we love, who make the art-fashion cocktail incredibly well.

PHOTO CREDIT @bryanfloresjr from #RepriseatWLA STYLED BY @concretechic and @kimkrem


DRESS: @marymejimmypaul

MODEL: @princessgollum

MU: @chicstudios

HAIR + HEADPIECES: @itsamelmark + @luxelab



If you are looking for a one of a kind piece, from champagne pink sequin wrap tops to Moroccan embroidery military jackets- you go to Church. A holy spot for the most divine finds in the city. This stuff is made to make sure your personality sparkles. They do not just make your person dazzle, they also do the same for your home. Boasting work from some of the best and brightest in the art world, Church is sure to outfit your house as well. Currently showcasing Benjamin Abana and Revolucionario, they are sure to have something to tickle your taste buds in every facet of your life style.



Just One Eye

Here is your high-low heaven. Need the latest Calvin Klein? Not a problem for Just One Eye. Need the newest Valentino? Just One Eye has you covered. Not only do they have you covered in the physical sense, but the boutique branches our to provide those who seek holistic opulence with everything they need to achieve it. From crazy collectibles to give your home more character than you thought possible (think 12,000 dollar vintage, and framed, Rolling Stones Tee’s) to work by the infamous Alexander Calder. Just One Eye is just the place you need to go.




While the Online TenOverSix claims to be less able Ready To Wear and more about the element of full immersion, they will for sure get you ready in the highest form of the concept. From every “it” brand you can think of to quirky finds from names like Refinery 29, TenOverSix is an emporium for the thing you knew you needed but didn’t know where to find. They also are the

one stop shop for the next sculptural piece to brighten up your space. From BZIPPY vases to Julie Thevenot threads— they have all the things your home has been craving.



In LA, it is very easy to assume everything is very full of itself, never leaking over into more fascinating, collaborative pursuits. These few boutiques are just the shallow water to what art and fashion do in this city. Be bold and explore! Let us know what you find for sure.