Trends: Art in Interior Design

Interior design is perhaps one of the most diverse and ever-changing art forms. So naturally, Interior Designers have a keen eye for selecting some of the best artwork out there. Here, we highlight some of our favorite art and interior pairings, and some of the best trends in bringing art to interior decor.

To start off, we're loving that designers are taking risks with art in 2019 Instead of using stock 'poster grade' prints that can be found at places like Target or Michael's, we're seeing a lot more work that comes from real living artists being incorporated into homes.  

One of our favorite art-loving interior designers Peti Lau, brings in some larger name artists into her projects. In this project, she designed home of Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers, and had a custom rug made by the infamous graffiti / street artist Retna.

Speaking of graffiti, designers have been pulling this wildly colorful and edgy street art into interiors and it's paying off. Works like the one below are merging that colorful hip look with a more modern or even mid-century modern aesthetic, and we're here for it. 

Pictured above, Graffiti print by Karlos Marquez

While the wild colorful work pleases us, we realize it's not for everyone. Another trend we're loving right now, is a throwback to vintage fashion photography in these stunning contrasted black and whites. A great way to add some personality to a space, while keeping a toned-down mood.

Above, fashion photography by Toni Frissell


Last, we see a lot of designers using art to add color to a space, or even to create a color palette for the room, and this is great too. Vibrate hues can pull an otherwise drab space together. Likewise a muted piece can balance a chaotic room or color scheme. It seems these days designers are almost challenging themselves to make bold artwork choices, and if you didn't notice, we love color.

Vibrant abstract work by Joshua Elias

Best Trend Overall: Designers are finding work that speaks to them, and the results are stunning.