Los Angeles, United States


As a teenager, Minnesota native Adam Stanzak was introduced to film-making through skateboarding. After investing in a Hi-8 camcorder, he filmed his friends at the local skate park and around town - unknowingly laying the foundation for the upcoming journey. He began developing a keen interest in visual arts and imagery.

Taking video production classes in high school to exploit the school's editing software, he furthered his interest in cinema, inspiring him to explore new realms. Transcending with skits, documentaries and music videos, he honed a personal style that continues to grow with each project. His fascination took him into the darkroom where he began experimenting with photography, learning more fundamentals and developing black & white prints.

Eager to learn more about the world and art, Adam moved to Los Angeles to tread fresh water. Making videos for local artists with childhood friend and collaborator Tony Oberstar, the two advanced their craft and began preparing for the years ahead.



Adam Stanzak, Drastic

Since his arrival to Los Angeles, Adam has immersed himself in various genres of film-making and photography. He currently runs his brand and company Drastic; directing documentaries showcasing fledgling musicians of counterculture, to collaborating on commercial content with distinguished brands such as Ford, Rhymesayers and Virgin.

Adam fulfills a wide range of responsibilities serving as the head of media for Grenco Science. Some highlights include (but aren’t limited to) capturing their SXSW activation, voyaging on the international Gumball 3000 rally, documenting Snoop Dogg’s birthday parties as well as shooting behind the scenes of a Kevin Smith set. He continues to advance his craft and expand his horizons. His work has been published in Apple Music, Mass Appeal, Fader, MTV, NY Times, Complex, XXL and more.