At first glance such large, carved, collage paintings appear a pandemonium of scrawls and cuttings. This initial interpretation is intended, for the art represents what is essentially the polar opposites and multiple tiers that make up life in the metropolis.

Many of the collage elements of much of this London-based artist's work are taken directly from the street where they were first displayed. Posters, flyers and street adverts have long held the artist's fascination; the artwork of the original posters being constantly overlaid by others, and the passing of time means layer after layer of designs creating an ever-transforming art of their own.

These dynamic street displays are both decaying and vibrant, a piece of history yet brand new each day. Choosing which to tear down and juxtapose back together is a vital element of the finished product, somewhat like a dated 1960s office block being demolished in order to make way for a shiny new offering.